Bull Mountain follows ENERGY STAR, Building Performance Institute and Energy Trust of Oregon guidelines. We are well known to up and beyond the codes and make sure when we leave a home it's going to be well insulated for a very, very long time.


11 Proper Baffle
8 With a ruler


Insulating your attic is the #1 place to save money each month on your utility bill.


Insulating your walls will not only add to your homes ability to stay warm or cool, it will also help to deafen noise and keep air penetration at a minimum.

Remove and Drill Sheathing
Funny Insulating
Flash Foaming Rim Joist 2
Floor Insulated

Crawl Spaces and Basements

Cold feet? This can be contributed to lack of insulation or insulation that is not installed correctly. Adding insulation to your floor and/or basement can make a huge difference in the overall comfort of your home.

Air & Duct Sealing

The step is most important. None of the previous measures will be worth it without finding and stopping air leakage. We’ll make sure that it is done correctly to avoid mold, moisture, or overall discomfort. A Blower Door test will insure that you don’t lose energy, but avoid keeping moisture.

Kneewall access with weatherstripping