I had been told that repairing my furnace would not be cost effective and that I might as well get a new one. I was getting estimates for a new furnace and called Bull Mountain. Brian, the sales guy came out and was dubious that our furnace's heat exchanger was actually cracked because our CO alarm wasn't reading anything. He suggested that their repair guy come out and look at the furnace before we did anything. That sounded good and ....hmmm...maybe Mike was his name? ( I should remember my new best friend's name)....came out and determined that yes, it was cracked. But wait a minute - he says - let me check on the warranty. To my surprise, the thing is under warranty! And Bull Mtn will swap out the part for $235. in labor!
Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? That's what I kept thinking. But no - they came when they said, did the work at the price they stated and now I have a new heat exchanger with a new warranty.