"Early this summer, my husband and I noticed that a chimney pipe had toppled over on the roof. We called our favorite roof maintenance company (AA Roof Maintenance), since we knew it was time for the regular cedar roof treatment. The technician brought down the rusted pipe and informed us we needed a new roof. He took all the information off the flashing, and didn't even charge us for the visit. Finding that the pipe wasn't easily available for retail customers, we asked the roofers we were interviewing about replacing it. Most said, "Sure, no problem!" The roofer we selected (Prime Roofing), however, said that he wasn't comfortable replacing it because it was an unusual failure, and he suggested we get a heating contractor to look at it.
We had worked with Bull Mountain Heating a few years ago; they had saved my bacon sending out a technician within an hour of my call on a 107 degree day when I turned on the A/C and got nothing when I had house guests coming that evening. (Great way to engender customer loyalty!) They sent someone out promptly when I called this time, and he seconded my roofer, saying this was a very unusual sort of failure. After extensive investigations (roof, two attic spaces, and the garage), he concluded that the problem had been water leaking in around screws attaching the chimney to the pipe below at the roofline.
They ended up replacing the pipe down into the attic, working very hard to get frozen joints loosened without damaging the lower sections. They rejiggered the pipe configuration so that the piece extending above the roofline would not have any exposed connections, avoiding any possible repeat of the initial problem. I was very impressed at their thoroughness and care. "