"Bull Mtn was contracted by Energy Trust of Oregon to complete a whole home energy test on my house.  They performed a paint lead test as well.  I ended up getting more insulation blown into the outside walls, sealing the bottom wall plate of the house to the top of the foundation with spray foam and around gas and electrical conduits in the basement.  They also installed an alarm for carbon monoxide and all was completed in a timely fashion.  They made recommendations for replacement of my water heater and gas furnace.  At this time, they do not need replacing, but they were helpful with good information.  They were clean, timely and friendly.  I would use them again if and when I need to replace my water heater and or furnace.  They blew in insulation into the outside walls of my 100 year old house, relaced the siding and patched the holes created.  They did a nice job."