"I received quotes from 3 local companies and not only was Bull Mountain's quote significantly cheaper (by about $800 compared to one quote - which may have been high because I'm not even sure the guy wanted to do the installation), but they also agreed to do the entire installation of the tankless water heater without my needing to hire (and pay for) a sub-contractor to do a portion of the installation. As I learned, the installation of a tankless water heater usually requires a decent re-routing of the gas line to the water heater location, the plumbing intake and output, and the exhaust - and if you don't have an outlet near the water heater location, which I did not, then you need an electrician to install an outlet. The 2 other contractors I obtained quotes from were going to require me to find a subcontractor to do portions of the changes necessary to complete the entire installation - one of the contractors expected me to find 2 additional subcontractors (not ideal when you're talking about your house's hot water supply, and having 3 different contractors to do the work was going to take at least an extra day or two). Bull Mountain on the other hand did need to have a subcontractor do the electrician's work, but they had a guy they used and did the scheduling with him so I didn't have to find an electrician as well. As for the actual installation, Bull Mountain's guy - Jonathon was his name I believe - was great. I personally felt that he gave the installation the attention it deserved - as if he were installing it in his own house. For example, early on in the installation he was attaching the unit to the wall in a location he thought was best - but when I checked-in on his work and realized that I neglected to communicate exactly where I wanted the unit, he agreed to move it without being upset even in the slightest at my request. Of course, if he had started the re-routing of the gas line or water lines, such a change wouldn't have been feeasible. But even moving the brackets added another 20-30 minutes to his work. In the end, I was extremely pleased with his work and his dedication to it. I made the decision that at some point in the near future I'm going to have a high-efficiency heater installed as well, and I'm not even going to bother looking at any other companies. Maybe that is short-sighted on my part, but I was very pleased with their pricing, their friedliness (Brian, who does the business components such as giving quotes, was also very pleasant to work with), and their dedication to quality workmanship. I don't see a reason to gamble with any other companies that do similar work."

Fred S., Homeowner