1. Comfort Consultant Visit

We are a No Pressure Sales company. Our job is to show you solutions for the challenges that you are facing, then build a system that will work for you.


We want installation day to be a lot of fun! We remove and recycle the existing system, clean up the area, and then install the new and improved system that you helped design.

3. Foreman Quality Control Visit

It is our priority to make sure that you're happy with everything. We will return to perform a quality control check of our work, answer any questions you may have and setup a time for your Service Review.


After a full year with your system, we come out and provide a full maintenance and make sure we did everything you asked us to do. Plus we use this time to show you the benefits of of our Service Department.


All warranties reflect residential Trane equipment, all other brands and commercial equipment may have different warranty requirements.

The First 2 Years

During this time there are no additional costs at all. Any emergencies, equipment parts or labor needed are free of cost. In addition, one year after the installation we perform the first maintenance of the equipment, which we call the Service Review.

Next 8 Years

During the final remaining manufacturer part warranty, we can extend the labor and free emergency service for only $10 per piece of equipment a month. This also includes annual maintenance, The Service Club. Bull Mountain Heating Installed equipment gets FREE VIP Upgrade, a savings of $60 a year per piece of equipment.

10 Years and Beyond

Once the manufacturer warranty runs out, this is the time that we need to make sure the system is running optimally. As you continue with The Service Club we will provide you FREE emergency service for the life of the equipment a savings of $99 per call, if needed.


Wells Fargo Financing

Easy to use and you can Apply Online.

Local Banks and Credit Unions

Work locally and with a bank of your choosing. Over the years we have made great partnerships with several banks and credit unions.

Local Programs

From Energy Trust of Oregon to the Community Energy Program, there are a lot of great programs out there helping local families.

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