The Service Club

The Service Club

We make it easy to schedule maintenance of your equipment and protect you if an emergency happens.

Our Three Step Process

Choose Your Program

Do you want V.I.P. service with FREE Emergency Service or Standard Annual Maintenance? Your Choice.

Choose What Month you would like us out

Maintenance your furnace in January and your AC in June? No problem, we will find the best month for you.

Choose how you want us to contact you

CALL? TEXT? EMAIL? We want to make it easy.

Residential Pricing

Pricing is on each piece of equipment and can vary depending on custom installs. Commercial MaintenaNCE MUST be quoted.


If I have rentals, can I have them all on VIP?

We only allow VIP to be used on owner-occupied properties. But, you may have them on the Standard Plan. 

Do I have to use a Debit or Credit card?

Yes, it keeps the program current and easy to track. We will always help if there is some special circumstance.  

Who is storing my Credit Card Information?

We use to secure all our credit card processing. For information about Authorize, click here.

When Do I get my first planned maintenance?

You pick the month of the maintenance and then we will contact you to schedule the day and time. 

Can I pay for a family member?

Yes. You will need to let us know the payment dates you wish to pay for.

Can I have my furnace on Standard and My AC on V.I.P.?

For linked systems (ex. Furnace & AC) you would need to choose either Standard or V.I.P.